children of vanuatu


Currently the Government is unable to provide a high school education to children of 11 years and over. 

For those lucky enough to attend school at the secondary level, the fees are often too high, especially for families who live in rural areas and who do not have sufficient income. 

Children leaving school have few options to continue their education or acquire skills needed to obtain employment. 

This context results in a low level of literacy, which dramatically slows down (or even stop) the regional economic development.

Many large areas of Vanuatu remain under developed.

Since 2010, the primary school is free (but not mandatory).

The tuition per child per year is 7,000 vatu ! (85 AUD)  at primary level, paid by the government, and 55,000 vatu in secondary at the family's charge.

Households on average have three children. 

The average monthly salary of a Ni-Vanuatu is 33,000 vatus (400 AUD) .

The average cost of education for a family of three children: 70,000 vatu  (850 AUD)   per year, not including school supplies

This represents almost three months of household income. 


According to the Government, 30% of students do not complete the five first years of primary school because of: 

- Family problems 

- The need to stay home to care of

   siblings or parents 

- The non-involvement of parents

  about the importance of education 

- The lack of funds

- Etc

children of vanuatu