A student at one of the Ratua Foundation Schools supported by the Ratua Foundaiton.

Viona is  8 years old girl and was born with cerebral palsy which caused her to have a "clubfoot".


This little girl has never been able to walk normally.


She obviously cannot run and must be carried as soon as it is a long walk.

She has never worn shoes...


At the occasion of an open house Foundation Day, Melissa, a guest of Ratua Private Island, compassionately noticed the lillle Viona. 


Upon her return to Australia, she overheard about the upcoming visit of an orthopedic surgeon to Port Vila and contacted the Foundation to arrange for an appointment.


Wanting Viona to heal,  we organized her visit and consultation... 

Viona has been successfully operated.


Her achilles tendon was lengthened

She had a cast for 6 weeks, had a lot of reeducation, and is still wearing a splint during day time, but she  can walk by herself... and run !


We hope that with some more reeducation she will recover the use of her foot almost completely for the rest of her life...

children of vanuatu
children of vanuatu
children of vanuatu
children of vanuatu
children of vanuatu

The Story of the Little Viona...

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