As a recipient of the Ratua foundation 22 year Sylviane (Nivanuatuaise) is very serious about her education. Sylviane is from a family of four, her parents do not have the resources to enable her to pursue a secondary education. As a result the Ratua Foundation is financing 3 years of secondary education of which Sylviane has completed one year already and about to embark on her second year. All her living expenses are covered by the Ratua Foundation as well while she obtains her BTS.

Sylviane's most cherished wish is to study business/hospitality in order to be able to return to work in her country with serious qualifications allowing her to access positions of responsibility in the hotel sector.

Sylviane has very good grades showing her diligence in her studies and her motivation to succeed. She has received scholarships from the Embassy of France to obtain a Bac Pro in Port Vila. She wants to attend a well known hospitality school in New Caledonia 

During this period, she completed several practical training sessions at Ratua Private Island Resort.

In partnership with the association AEV (Avenir Enfance Vanuatu), headquartered in Nouméa, which takes care of all the "operational" part on site during these studies.

Sylviane has done exceedingly well in her first year of studies.

We wish her all the best for the coming year. 

We will continue to update you on this bright and promising young woman. 




Melody was a Year 10, (Year 11 NZ) student at Port Vila International School. PVIS delivers the New South Wales Australian Curriculum. Melody has attended PVIS for the past five years and has been an exemplary student. 

Melody is a high achiever academically which is the result of ability and attitude. Melody has a very strong work ethic.

Melody has expressed a desire to study in the engineering or health fields.  

Although there are local schools that teach students until Year 13, our curriculums aren’t compatible and would not support the long term goal of gaining an international university degree. 

It is Melody’s passionate desire to attend school in New Zealand for the next two years to complete Years 12 and 13 and therefore gain University Entrance.

Gisborne School in Hastings New Zealand offers a partial scholarship for Ni Vanuatu students and this would be where Melody would attend Year 12 and 13 if the funding becomes available.

Ratua foundation helped her with a contribution of 400 000 vatus for her two years study in New Zealand.

We wish Melanie all the best in her studies in New Zeland.

Laurine is 17 years old, and a student at Norsup College - Malicolo Island.

The Foundation has monitored and financially supported his schooling since 2014.

Lauretta is a 16, student in 9th class at Orap College - Malicolo Island
The foundation has monitored and financially supported in his schooling since 2014.

​In partnership with the association Avenir Enfance Vanuatu, humanitarian work sponsoring twenty children in the village of Orap, on the island of Malicolo.

Ratua Foundation funds 100,000 vatus/year for the tuition fees for these two students.

You can read the fabulous story of our Mascot Viona in a separate chapter.

Viona is a very special girl living on the Island of Malo.

Because of her handicap, she wasn't able to play and run around the school with her school friends.

She used her time wisely to read books ... hence she has very good grades. 

Her mother Lili works very hard to support her family.

The foundation takes care of the school fees of the little Viona hoping  that she will go far in her studies. 

This year (2018) Viona will continue via the Ratua Foundation to get help with her physical condition.

As since her operation she now needs physiotherapy. An appointment has been made for the beginning of July 

2018 on the Island of Espiritu Santo. This means a half hour boat ride for Viona and her Mother Lili. The Ratua Foundation is happy to continued their support of Viona and her family by making sure that Viona is able to attend the appointment and get what ever help she needs. 

















Laurine et Lauretta


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