children of vanuatu


« Ratua Fondation » is headquartered on Ratua Private Island ( Santo) and its goal is to improve the education conditions of the Children in Vanuatu.


As such « Ratua Fondation » actively supports different projects, such as : schools, books, infrastructure, water and electricity networks, etc. …


These actions strengthen the social link between the child and its environment (family, tribe, village or island) in connection with the local decision-makers.


The continuation of these projects fosters sustainable development and provides the communities with the means to slow down or interrupt the negative impact of human activities on the natural environment.


It is important for the members of the foundation to instill a deep level of commitment among the local population for the  betterment of future generations.

Each and every guest at Ratua Private Island Resort actively participates in the development of the Foundation: all profits of Ratua Private Island Resort directly go to the Foundation. 

Ratua Fondation has been created in December 2009 by a group of friends who fell in love with Vanuatu.


It is an apolitical and non religious organization.


Ratua Fondation is the link between the donors, the sponsors and the actors of the concerned communities to allow the realization of philanthropic projects with direct positive impact on the communities.


As such Ratua Foundation is authorized to receive donations.




Reuben Fasher


Leah Rosalind Fasher


Candace Marinović  

Brett Fasher


Marc-Antoine Morel

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