Primary & Secondary School of Nandiutu - Island of Malo


In an ideal world, every school would be autonomous, with a library, internet access, various office tools and computers. Unfortunately, the construction costs and the amount of work involved to implement such infrastructure are staggering.

Our project is to provide a center accessible by all the schools of an island.

The children and their teachers would be able to come and search on the Internet, provide students with computer training, access to a library with books both in French and English and enjoy book clubs, movies, etc.

Due to the lack of teaching books, copy machines will be at the disposition of the teachers and will greatly increase the quality of their lessons.

The government is backing this project and agreed to allow a qualified teacher to be in charge of the Center.

A qualified foreign volunteer will train students and teacher for two years.

The first Center has been built on the Island of Malo, and if successful we will replicate it on other islands. In 2017 the ANZ bank donated to the Ratua Foundation 10 reconditioned desktop computers for our next computer lab. Updates will be on our Facebook page. 

Secondary School of Fresh Water - Island of Efate


Fresh Water school is a Primary & Secondary school of 1 6000 students, the biggest one in Efate Island. This a bilingual French/English School.
Ratua Foundation commissioned a brand new computers lab with 12 new PC, 2 printers and DVD player with the sponsorship of a caledonian company:Espace Import Noumea.

Primary School of Pango - Island of Efate


The nice little school of Pango has 300 students.  

They had no computers at all.

With the help of Beyond Disability ... 15 used but well working computers were donated.

The Foundation designed a new computer room and installed the computers for children and teachers.

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